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In Season 2017/2018 the three Madetoogo Pty Ltd venues Valvoline Raceway, Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway and Hi-Tec Oils Speedway introduced a blanket and uniform policy that prohibited live video streaming at our circuits. There is to be no video recording or live video streaming. is the only recognized and authorized streaming service at those venues.

There are many reasons for that policy being enforced and one of those in particular was highlighted recently at Valvoline Raceway when unauthorized spectator live video streaming vision of a serious race accident that was accessed by the electronic media.

Our policy with our MTG venues releasing race accidents and replays thereof on both the Giant Video Screen on the night and on social media after the race night is clear.

We do not release vision to the general public or the media unless we are certain of the improving health of the driver(s) and that we have liaised with family or crew of the driver(s) involved.

We do this to respect the privacy and the comfort of the drivers and their families.

We provide a high quality video stream of our racing action with multiple camera switches, slow motion replays, commentary feed and pit presenting in order to present our sport in the best possible manner.

With that coverage comes a subscription fee similar to that of an adult admission to our venues that goes toward the cost of the CPV production and streaming.
We have one more event remaining at Valvoline Raceway on June 9 and we wish to remind everyone that all live video streaming/publishing/broadcasting of our racing from all three of our venues and the unauthorized streaming of our coverage to social media and to those who are not subscribed to the coverage is illegal.

It is also illegal to video record racing and publish this to social media platforms as it is to record many other forms of professional level sport at entertainment venues.

There are strict penalties that apply to contravening this regulation.
We greatly appreciate everyone continuing to adhere to our Live Video Streaming and video recording-then-publishing policy and also your continued patronage at our venues Valvoline Raceway Parramatta, Hi-Tec Oils Speedway Toowoomba and Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway Murray Bridge.

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