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Many people would be familiar with the iconic rough and tumble world of Roller-derby.

It’s a no holds barred, bare knuckled pub brawl on skates played all over the world where two teams contest the battle on a circular field (sometimes banked).

It’s not for everyone.

The combatants are a special breed.

Not only can they skate but they’re a little more inclined to hip and shoulder charge someone than offer a friendly greeting.

Opposing teams have ‘blockers and jammers’ where the whole point is to protect your lead skater and try and get them through the opposition’s human shields and road blocks.

It’s played on roller skates.


Now, Valvoline Raceway is motoring the concept and bringing to the iconic Parramatta clayway a variation of the concept where cars and drivers, not skates and people, are the human pinballs.

The first Valvoline Raceway Rev-head Roller-Derby is scheduled for Saturday night November 2 and the interest across the Demolition Derby, Fender Bender and Street Stock community is sure to spread like wildfire.

“We’re trialling our first one in November,” says Valvoline Raceway Principals Felicity and Barry Waldron, “we’re working closely with Troy Dawes and his Demolition Derby teams and we think we’ll have something lighthearted, good fun and great entertainment for fans of all ages.”

Rules, regulations and car specifications are currently being fine tuned for what will be something completely different for the Valvoline Raceway clayway.

“Our Fender Benders have been fantastic over the years with the way that they have entertained our kids and even our adults fans,” says Waldron, “this is not replacing them in any way, it’s just adding a teams-racing style slant to the bash and crash racing concept. We’re excited to see where this heads.”

Third generation racer Troy Dawes, whose family have been instrumental in Fender Benders, Demolition Derbies and Street Stocks at Valvoline Raceway, is working hard to build the interest and cars.

“A lot of our Derby guys, our Street Stocks and Fender Bender drivers are always up for something different, this could be right up their alley,” says Dawes.

Valvoline Raceway is quick to point out that this is not a replacement event for Speedway competition however.

“This is an addition to our regular categories that race at VR, it’s not at the expense of any other class. We are just adding more variety to a few of our race nights to look at ways to bring in new audiences. We’re working hard on making a night at Valvoline Raceway even more entertaining to general sporting and entertainment fans. Speedway is and will always be our core focus.”

More information on the Rev-head Roller-derby action will follow soon…

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